Dr. Free Hearty (Indonesia)

Dr. Free Hearty (Indonesia)
DR. Free Hearty is from Indonesia
She is now living in Jakarta, Indonesia
She is a lecturer for Literature and Culture at Al-Azhar Islamic University.
She was often invited to go abroad to deliver speech about literary Criticism, Culture and literature
She has written some books of Poems, short stories, Novel, literary citicism and some Anthologies together with Other poets from Asian countries and World poets
She is also founder for organization of Literature and Cultural affair.
She also like to hold the event of literary and cultural affair in Indonesia, for many poets and other men of Letters came from others country
Hedonic Life is like a Knife
Supposed no body mention your name
It does not mean you are nothing
Because the popularity
Is not in the same line with the quality
By maintaining the self-quality
It will give you more Value of life
By having transience in popularity
It will be Vanished in Short time
You will mean nothing to others
So why you get nervous
If the real Jury, God the Almighty
Asked the prophets
To make notes about human attitudes
That is nor good neither bad
Without blemish and forgotten
What your needs is
Transience that is not cling to you?
So you have to run then, and
catch up the gloriuos World
For hedonic Life is like a sharp Knife
That would turn your life into pieces
And you still worried with no hope
Freedom belong to whom?
Once upon a time
Pharaoh killed all infants
He was afraid the infant threatened him
Nero was singing joyfully,
playing Guitar while watching fire
at the burning Rome
Hitler was sounding his Authority
He did Genocide to a certain race
George Bush told many lies to the World
That was like he threw a stone into the bush
He told lies and being the Sinner
After killing and destroying certain ethnic n religion
He hoped it woul be legalized by World view
Since he regarded his Nation as World Police
Power has a magic thing that make people fighting to get it
When they got Authority, they were crazy of popularity
Some people felt like The Abel
Some others felt like the Kain
They kept the heritage of Sin
They made hostilities and and War as inherited
And felt that each of them had the right
To do many things on behalf of humanity
And their name were printed in history
The History that was written not for the sake of History
The Hidden Agenda played by those who had the power
Freedom is never exist.
Never, even to those who had the power
Broer, Tell me how to cry, again
In the peak of sadness
On the Tip of sorrowful
The moment of seeing bad event in front of eyes
Listening to the fate of homeless children
The poor Parents had no time for children
They worked Hard for getting living expense
On the other sides, the rich parents
They were busy for making good life
Both, they have No attention to their own children
The Children like Chicks without Hen
The Children raised up by the Wind
They grow up by the Rain
They feel free like the Bird
Feel free to go anywhere
They ate and drunk like predators
No friend or advisor to command
They managed themselves to live
By their own heart and mind
Without knowing good or bad
Without knowing right or wrong
They just think the hedonic life
I stand still alone and lonely
Weakness and hopeless
I kept my sorrow and pain
In my chest full of misery
Screaming without sounding
Speaking withoud any Words
Complaining without sigh
Struggling without knowing
Knowing without understanding
Understanding without finding way out
I have no power n Authority
To change or to help
No hope in my hand
My hope fly in vain
To see Children belong to no one
I have no word to say
No tears run on my cheek
Tell me how to Cry and to help
Help them to construct their own good future
They would be next generation to manage
the World that would be belonged to them
In good ways.
My lover
I was stepping on the Sun
I was passing through the Moon
I was peeping at the sleeping-lonely star
To come right here
Alone and in lonely sorrow
Since you have been gone
And never came back,
even into my dream
The Sun set, and I missed it
The Moon and the Star mocked at me
Again, my lover
Did you still let me alone in this misery
When the memories touched my heart
Reminded the place you were waiting
For me, only for me
Here….there…ah yes out there
The Places we often met
Then we got closed
Then our relation made us felt in love
But then we were parting
At the last meeting
Without any words or kissing
5) The Wound
There is a wound in his heart
Created severe and bloody pain inside
But you were even pouring vinegar
In order to make him getting worse
In order to express your anger and hatred
You believed you were the Winner
By showing the victorius smile
You are wrong friend
Those big man told me
The vinegar which you poured
Cured the deepest wound
Even the pain gave him joy
And power to be the winner
God is great and He showed His secret
He decides the highest decision
By making him better
And better as always.

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