Poemas by Aneeta Chitale

Mirror !
Holding a “ Mirror”
In my palms …. Seeing images……
Elliptical Tides,
Of The Lilatic moon…
The raging waves …..
Torrential Raptures…Circling me,
Clad In
‘The Naked Raven’ Soul
Of mine,
To fill in, Insatiable …
Relentless “ Thirst”,
Purged with
‘The Desire,’
To Dive …Deep; fathom
…..Deep …..
In The Mermaid’s Dance,
Slithering……Shimmering …..
Of Aquatic Charm !
Un wet, her shade,
Singing a
Tidal song …..
On Rhythmic Tunes !
Rising from …
The Subliminal Caves….
To unleash her passion !
In translucent haze, embezzled in …
Indigo Blue ….changing
Aqua Green Shade !
Her danseuse
From The Depths of an Ocean,
Unfathomable UnSeen…
Magical ! Mystical !
Mingles In The Waters…..
….Vanishing ! (then)
My Mortal eyes,
Sees Images
Unfolding, breaking, rising, dying,
Devouring ….
In The Mirror….!
In The Crescent Moon
My Palms !
Himalayas !
I weave a dream …..
As I walk in the wilderhess
The alluring sky as if,
Trending its magical spells
The Prodding clouds,
Afloat on the mountain tops and
Pinnacles lead ,
Where the wondering minds and
Weary feet,leave it’s imprints….
Of their onward journeys
The Mighty Himalayas!
Clouds wrapped up in mystical colors
Brazen, smothering hues in every color
As if, ‘Mirroring’ Luminious light!
On the panaromic views
Each a ‘Regal’
Of an abyssal truth !
Interwoven with silken,
Crocheted threads,
Of rustic ambience
Of eerie designs……
In violet, pink, magenta
Purple, blues,orange hues !
Beckon me
As if , rimmed in Sun’s Orange … Golden Cups
Of myriad colors
Filled …. in ‘Flutes’ of ‘Natures Magic’!
Filling it to the brim
With ‘Ambrosia’! !
To fill in the
Quenching thrist of
The seekers hearts
I repose, in the abode of
‘Lord Shiva; in ‘Tranquility’….
In mighty ‘Himalayas’
Where the Divinity
Beyond Time and Space…
In Celestial Peace !
The fragile momets linger
Upon the
‘Unmanicured Earth’ !
Lo ! And I’m lost,
By the bewildring sights and gales
Each driving me lighter and lighter…..
And…kindered spirits,
In frenzied moods,
Mountain tops wrapped up in
Frothy pallets
Filled with earthy passions….
Smokked, fluffy mountains with
White, blue, crimsion colors ,
Painting ‘Surreal’ images……
In soulful moments…of…Transcending Patterns !
Lacing..the enamouring rugged rocky trails
Ravines..casting a ‘Golden Gleam’,
On the Blue …Acqua Green
Shimmering Waters….
Of the
Spitti River……Rocky slopes
Cascadening down
The Alpine Snow Sparkeles !
Earth is vieled in…
Earth’s Graffiti !
Copy Right@ Aneeta Chitale

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