Kamarudeen Mustapha (Nigeria)

Kamarudeen Mustapha
Kamarudeen Mustapha is a poet and a fiction writer from Nigeria. His poems and short stories have been published by Our poetry Archives, Setuonlinemag, Kreative diadem, African writer.com and Praxisonline. He has published a number of children books, namely; Winners never quit, The magic bird, Zinari the golden boy and Wagon bana among others.
Everyday we rise
We step out on our graves spread
Away beneath our feet
The sun grows
Our shadows grow with it
The sun sets
Our shadows set with it
Until consumed by the twilight
And the shroud of dead pan – dark
Of the night covers us
Till the second day
When we may rise
Oblivious of our graves spread away
Beneath our feet
Oblivious of God behind the dome
Of our heads
Oblivious of our shadows
Mimicking our every act
Oblivious of our days
Like carrots in the mouth of time
Oblivious of everything
Except the vanity of our hearts
Everyday we die
Two contenders
For the same crown
We tear the truth into shreds
In our selfish tug of war
And neither party now has
A semblance of truth
We ply the fictional route
To oil our lust
The battle may not be
For the most eligible
But the ill-fittest
Who could cook the tallest tale
To intimidate the jury’s fried whim
Who has the thirty shekels
And a bowl of porridge
Two contenders
For the same untruth
Two falsehoods
Seeking heaven’s justification
Can two lies
Ever make a truth?
Can we ever be
Patrons of lies
And beneficiaries of truth?
Can blatant untruth
Ever heal
The glaucoma of our visions?
We love to be happy, though
We are really not happy
We love to laugh, but our laughter
is a farce
Not heart deep, but counterfeit of our
true feelings
Many times you see our demons
When we drive and when we love
Recklessly and heartlessly
But when we are confronted with the reality
of our travails
We dyke the flow of our truest bile
Clutching the lower lips to our imprisoned teeth
Then we let our laughter explode
In a gust of borrowed glee
Telling our volcanoes to go cool
We are people wise enough
To polish our shackles everyday
With tongues salivating of submissive hymns
We prefer to eat our sorry meals
Rather than become free meals to ants and
Fish and lobsters in Lagos Lagoon
We love to be alive
Though we live by halves
And we relax and relax and relax
We know God is alive
And Nigeria is His home.

2 thoughts on “Kamarudeen Mustapha (Nigeria)

  1. all three poems are powerful and poignant , there is rage but it is controlled by the sheer brilliance of the poet ‘ s power.

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