Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis



Lift up
Please try to lift up.
Have you ever seen
Where did you fall?
Don’t let yourself sink.
You’re intelligent and cultured
I cannot understand…
Life is not always pink
We need to struggle
When life turns to dark.
Never give up!

Don’t tell me
That you‘re a burden to me
Don’t tell me
That don’t bother me again
You aren’t a burden to me
And you never bother me
You’re not kaput
You just need to react
And get rid
Of the heavy clothes you wear.
Soothes your body
Let the pores breathe
Untangle what imprisons you
Your mind thanks you
You’ll see how light and free you feel
Deeply rebuilt
And ready to fly again!

Come on, get up from there
Grab my hand
Accept my help
I love thee!
Look at the hole you made
With your fall
Mend and smooth the terrain
Shake off the dust
And let’s go to live life
Because death is certain!



A wizard appeared to me
saying that I could ask for three wishes.
So I asked for a rainbow
-Ask for another wish
-A rainbow
-You can ask for another wish
the much-admired wizard told me
-A rainbow
-Why do you ask for
the same wish three times?
-Because I want nothing for myself.
I only have pity
not being able to ask five
-Why five
If you don’t want anything for yourself?
I‘d like to give a rainbow
to every continent
I only have three
It will be very difficult
to choose the recipients
because in all of them
there are needy!

Legend says
that who touches the rainbow
will be protected forever
and from it will fall all the good things
that each one needs.
Each colour, a blessing!
I will put it in an easily accessible place
so that everyone Indiscriminately
may touch it.
Not like the one we see in the sky
the more we run
the more it walks away!
Will someday can we reach it?
If that happens…
It will be at the end of life
and we’ll be so tired and faint
that we can no longer
savour the good things!

The wizard scratched his head
and said
-I had not thought of that
but you are right.
I‘ll give you joy and two more rainbows
so you can help the whole world now.
Joy is for ya
keep it in your heart!

© Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

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