Poems by Asiimwe Simon

Poems by Asiimwe Simon


You are the reason behind every smile on my face
You the prime character in my sweetest love tale
You are the reason I go hard to win my hardest race
You are the reason I forget how many times I fell
You are the symbol of beauty, the magic of my victory
You are the stand of my charm, the genesis of my light
You are the wings of my life, our flight is my glory
You are the only burning candle in the darkest hour of the night
My eyes are your windows; my heart is your door
That you opened and closed behind your back
I pray that you keep it closed and open it no more
For outside is ain’t safe it’s too cold and so dark.



Looking into your eyes
I like it when I look into your eyes
It’s then that I discover your hidden lies
As you roll them right and left I stare
Something there’s that, that refuses to pair
Do you see the same when you look into mine?
Perhaps you should, if not look again
As Dunbar wrote in his greatest lines
“We wear the mask that grins and lies
It hides our cheeks and shades our lies”.
©Asiimwe Simon

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