Mai (me) / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Mai (me)
Spitting fire
Spewing smoke
Looking daggers at the world
No , it’s not the auspicious dragon
It’s the demon of EGO
Screeching in grating tones
Preening in peacock regalia
Strutting in cowboy boots
Swaggering into rooms
Parading on the catwalk
Puffing up its feathers
Glancing into mirrors
To check its cocky nose
Repeating it’s favourite mantras
I , Me , Mine
Again and again
In a refrain
In a refrain
The choral sound of vanity
Hammering into unsuspecting heads
Bloated with hot air
Could vanish into the ether
The moment the Lord lets it go
Out of sight , out of mind
The goat like Mai Mai(me )
Silenced for ever
Flesh , bones , skin
Whatever was there in the body
Buried, burnt , crushed ,
Sold in the bazaars
Lilies may or may not choose
To bloom over such graves …
Copyright Lily Swarn 23.9.2017

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