Poems by Chua Bagchi Mitra

Poems by Chua Bagchi Mitra



I saw you swim
Each day in the morning.
I was attracted, but
Scared to go near you.

I fear that you will be scared to
See me.
Half woman and half fish!
Yes I was a mermaid then.

One day, you saw me,
Your eyes,..surprised to see
Me, as if I am a dream in
You, your heart.

I went deep down the sea
And cried in love
How do I know my
Every action was seen by
Sea God, and He blessed
Me, to be a normal maid
Never ever a mermaid again
Now I am standing on the shore
Waiting for you
To come.
Will your eyes accept me
With same love and affection?



I love to see you
I love your smile,
Your mannerism
But as you are
Not belong to
Our caste, I know
My love for you
Will never be acceptable
By my family.
Who made this caste
Our blood has same
Colour, he is well educated!

I asked my grandfather,
He said, if you marry
Someone, whose caste is
Lower, you will have bad
I was shocked, and
Thought, that will be
Punishment for me.

So I see you hiding.



He bought some
As I love.
Long ago.

He don’t likes my likings
Why, he knows better.
I spend my days planting,
Singing alone.

He arranged a home warming party,
His colleagues are invited.
She was there too.
Not that good looking
But hot.

He bought me orchid
Then again..
Again and again

I feel breathless..
Today my body is on the floor
I am inside many ..many orchids
They are standing side by side.

Yes their hands
Touch one another’s
I smiled.
And stretch my
Hands to hold the light.


Songs of silence

All left
Alone was me..
My heart is crying
But I cannot cry….
I will never see him
As he is not alive.
My heart cries
A silent song.

Chua Bagchi Mitra©®

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