INCOMPLETE PUZZLE / Poem by Akimana Divine

Poem by Akimana Divine



I can’t button up my shirt
My favorite pieces are missing
I am learning to put on on another
Shirt but it not fitting well like my old 
Dear Toni Morrison, don’t you see how
Much I miss you? How can I replace you?
Dear Maya, what do I do with this new shirt?
You were my perfect fit, now I feel like a new
Kid in school.
Your words gave the world stomach butterflies
We laughed yet learned a lot.
I look up to the skies so that you can send me
Inspirations, your voices still sound like for angels

I miss you desperately and I promise to walk in your
Steps until I join you up there.
The world is never the same without You but your words
Walk with us. Keep resting in literature my missing puzzle pieces.

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