ROADS NOT TAKEN (With an apology to Robert Frost) / Poem by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand

Poem by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand



(With an apology to Robert Frost)

The poet who saw only two roads
Forking into directions unknown
Perhaps did not realise
Roads are just an illusion overblown.

And there are neither one nor two
Rather as many as one can take
With two feet
And a million winged fleet.

Roads are made by wishes
Sharp like razors
And persistent like hammer shots
Which cut through the rocks.

There was no way for Columbus
Except his will.
And there were millions who took
Different paths from the one taken by Captain Cook.

We too are roads already taken,
Out of a million leading to the Centre Divine.
Different we are as different are the
Circumstances of our birth, growth and decline.

I could have taken a different orbit
And reached an island far away.
I am here, I wished it so
Is there really a will in this way?



Dr Jernail Singh Anand is an internationally acknowledged Indian poet, philosopher, spiritualist and scholar. Hailing from Longowal, [Punjab, India], [b. 1955], he acquired his Ph.D degree from Panjab University, Chandigarh, and was honoured with D.Litt. degree by Univ. of South America. He has to his credit more than 60 books of English poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction and spirituality. He has innovated the theory of BIOTEXT(along with Iranian scholar Dr Roghayeh Farsi) and CLOUD SYNDROME in Critical theory and is a refereed author. His mini-epic ‘Geet: The Song Eternal’, a sequel to Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ , earned rave previews which is running into 2nd edition Geet: THE Unsung Song of Eternity. His major writings include The Ganterbury Tales, a modern sequel to the great Canterbury Tales, ‘The Satanic Empire )’ (an epic) a sequel to Dante’s ‘The Divine Comedy’, followed by verse anthologies like ‘Fighting the Flames’ and ‘Voices from the Void’. ‘The Barbed Wire’ (a novel) and ‘Facing It’ (poetry) are coming up.

His works of spirituality ‘Bliss:The Ultimate Magic’ and ‘I Belong to You’ have been translated into Persian and published in Iran. Bliss has been compared with Khalil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’ and his work of poetry, ‘Beyond Life Beyond Death’ to T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Wasteland’. Vishwabharati Res. Centre has brought out a Companion on Dr J.S. Anand’s work. He has been Secretary General of World Parliament of Literature and Ambassador, World Union of Poets, and Founder President, Philosophique Poetica. Dr. Anand has been honoured with various awards: such as Lord of World Peace and Literature, Award of Supreme Excellence [Vishwabharati], Cross of Peace, Cross of Literature, [World Union of Poets Italy], World Icon of Peace [Nigeria], Dr. Mohinder Singh Randhawa Award for Promotion of Art and Culture, Art4Peace Foundation California, Lifetime Achievement Award, World Laureate of Literature, Lifetime Achievement Award by Literati Cosmos Council, Mathura, and most recently African International Poetry Award.(wikipedia) .

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