Waiting Patiently / Poem by Mary Lynn Luiz

Poem by Mary Lynn Luiz


Waiting Patiently

I feel so stupid and downright dumb!
I know you see and know what I have done!
I’ve come to the end of myself. 
So, I’ll sit down, to rest! Talk to you and confess!

I thought I knew what to do,
sadly, I did not even think to ask or even consult you!
I should’ve prayed asking you to guide and lead the way.
But I was too stubborn, I wanted to do it my own way!

Waiting and trusting on you is not easy for me to do!
I’m in a hurry, anxious! I want to get through,
and I kind of expect You to feel the same way I do!
Now I will do what I should have done from the very start!

I’ll seek advice and wisdom, from You!
I know both of them You’ll gladly impart!
While I sit quietly for the answer to come through!
God, help me please! To wait patiently on you!
© Mary Lynn Luiz-August 09, 2019
All Rights Reserved by Poet

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