The Last Smoke Of A Chimney / Poem by Swapna Behera

Poem by Swapna Behera


The Last Smoke Of A Chimney 

here hangs the clothes on the strings
there lies the basket of eggs
the hen sitting on it
was cooked by the soldiers
long before

the kitchen is smoke free
the corn fields burnt
the girls raped;
pregnant teenaged girls
carrying unknown faces,
unspoken bruises in their nipples
seized their lips

the granny looks at the sky
for the first shower of smoke free sky
her ears alert
not to get the sound of the land mine explosions
the land became holes
the last song of a wounded soldier echoes
the country is only a boundary in the hearts
but can the smoke have any border line

each kitchen chimney speaks love
may it be in any refugee tent
or in a kurdish village
or in yezidi schools
each child needs love and care
each Malala needs a school and not a bullet
each woman needs dignity
each refugee camp needs water and food

the last smoke of a kitchen chimney
bleeds and cries
for the first cease fire of any ethnic wars
coz each migration is so painful
may it be for life or in death …..

Copy right @Swapna Behera ..

Malala Yousafzai , is the recipient of 2014 Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 17 who stayed in theSwat valley in Khyber , North West of Pakistan .She was shot by the Talibans but she survived .She is the human right activist .
Kurdish are the ethnic groups of people of Kurdistan 
Yazidi are ethnic groups of people of Northern Iraq

Published in the Year Of the Poet VI ,August 2019 Issue by Inner Child Press U.S

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