Love Poetry (Article Dedicated to Global Poet Sir Williamsji Maveli) / Aneeta Chitale

Love Poetry 

(Article Dedicated to Global Poet Sir Williamsji Maveli)

La Poe’m ! Poesies ….Poema ! Poem
In all the languages, of the world ‘Poem’ or Poesia is a magical gateway for higher consciousness. The aim is to touch the emotions, the affectivity of the poet and the reader to the level, where one reads and perceives the feelings and inner shades; said as well the unsaid. The readers go on a flight to fantasy, for the purgation of the soul, as eternally penned by Dante, the Great Italian Poet! The sins or soulful sins, as I may call them, be it love, lust, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, or any ..isnm is always expressed by the poet in his /her expression. Or it could simply be cauldron of witches , casting a spell as in Macbeth.

Williamsji Maveli

The Poet and reader and the Poet Analyst, are all affected by the words, lyrics and the theme of the poet, but the role of the writer, is most complex as he fathoms the deep consciousness and varied planes while he does the poetic analysis.. He has to go into many skins and peel the layers, of thinking. A great craft and needs immense patience. Most important constant factor, is his knowledge and love for literature.
Here is a writer who has quilled his pages with precious gems.

Poetic Analysis !
Highly Honored Poet and Globally Recognized Poet Williamsji Maveli, from Motivational Strips & Whorled Wide Writers Group, has done a great job, a wordsmith and a creative entrepreneur par excellence has penned
Three Volumes of superb, aesthetic poems.
Kudos ! Williamsji Maveli
Each is a rare gem to cherish and nurture your mind. These Three Volumes are handpicked from the plethora, of poets across the Globe.
Article Dedicated to Global Poet Sir Williams ji Maveli


With Warm Regards Poet Aneeta Chitale
Copyright @ Write up by Aneeta Chitale

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