My life in two blue suitcases / Poem by Monalisa Dash Dwibedy

Poem by Monalisa Dash Dwibedy
My life in two blue suitcases
When the distant tracks call me,
Opening their arms,
I walk out of my comfort zone
To embrace red-dusted earth and blue skies.
Time waits around the corner,
For me to return
As I bid goodbye to my hurried pace of life.
Staring far along the open roads,
As long as the sun shines upon me
I try not to look back
So many signs
So many places
I see the signals,
yet still forget Imagining faces of the past
A rush of bliss splits the breeze
Where the maker of the Universe wanders.
He offers echoes of my stare.
Life does not pause,
When I meet new faces
Exchange glances
Wonder in the midst of
Choices made
Choices denied
And chances missed .
Painted and blank canvases I visit
Now I’m not bound to any one place
Travelling free as a bird
I measure my life in two blue suitcases.

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