Nutan Sarawagi (India)

Nutan Sarawagi (India)

I am from Mumbai, India. I have a Masters Degree in Education and am a designer by profession. I write mainly on women and children. I feel very strongly about women’s issues and the children of war. I wish I could set the world right for them. I was the Co President of India for the World Union of Poets Group .

1. I co-authored a book with Nikita Dhawan and Nisha Agarwal: Women’s Studies Pedagogy: An Evaluatory Study. Published by Research Centre for Women’ Studies, RCWS Gender Series. (Gender and Education, Book 1) Published from Bombay: SNDT University, 2002.

2. International anthologies where my poems have been published: Poetry for Peace, published from USA. 2015 Different Truths on Autism Awareness. 2019 Speak Your Mind on national and international problems. 2016. Amaravati Poetic Prism International Multilingual Poetry. 2017, 2018. Some Voices Sing Anthology of Hope. 2016. You and Me. 2018 Cherry Toppins. 2018 Symphony of Souls. 2019 Premier Antologia de Poetas del Proyecta de ‘UNEMOS AL MUNDO CON LA POESIA’, Mexico-India.


Breathe not

life why don’t you
in your pain stop 
my heart beat not

for when you do
my soul asks
in me pain don’t stop

in me
breathe not

Copyright @ Nutan Sarawagi


Mother love me more

It was a love born so sore
In tears burning raging a war
Anguished it fell in a pain so raw
Fighting a fear never felt before
in tears frozen
in its cold never to thaw
A mother’s heart in it it tore
in it to cry in it’s outpour
for when it poured it was a roar
a mother’s cry in its uproar
don’t let me go mother
don’t you pour your tears
in me to floor
for when you do I know
I am no more
for in you I live
forever your moor
Keep me in sight
never to go
in your heart
to never let go
In your sighs
to live forever more
Don’t in your tears
wash me ashore
Keep me in you
I am your lost oar

Row me back to your shore
Never to be that pain in you
In your love never felt before

For when you cry
In you I die
Mother live in me
Don’t you know
I love you more than
I loved ever before
In you I die no more
Don’t cry
Love me more

Copyright @ Nutan Sarawagi

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