Poems by Akshaya Kumar Das

Poems by Akshaya Kumar Das


My heart bubbles like a dove…

Your eyes just wink for love,
My heart bubbles like a dove,
Welcoming you to my arms,
I wait for the fathomless charms,

Your charming moods captivates,
Your captivating eyes invites,
Inviting for a soulful meeting,
Sweating & sighing for a long awaited dating,

Just scroll through your beautiful lockes,
Trying a momentous glimpse with my luck,
You are forever silent like a hard rock,
Very difficult to unlock,

©® Akshaya Kumar Das, 13-8-2019,  @ All Rights Reserved.


A small wish in the form of desire..

Eternally waiting for an approval,
Eternally waiting for your signal,
But neither the approval,
Nor the signal,

Show an inkling of your approval,
Waiting for some signal,
To travel the distance like a bubble,
Shot from one point like a football,

How to gauge the distance ?
How to capture the fragrance ?
A small wish in the form of desire,
Strikes hot & cold for hours,

©® Akshaya Kumar Das, 13-8-2019, @ All Rights Reserved.


Smiling yellow rose petals

A Bright yellow rose flower,
Spreading it’s fragrance for hours,

Attractive looks often lock the mind,
Invites to it’d domain to unwind,

Unwind the eternal attraction,
Ah ! Beauty with fragrant invitation,

Lovers eternally attracted by the flower,
Surrender their hearts in prayer,

The eternally attractive yellow rose,
The petals attract the innocent honeybees,

© ® Akshaya Kumar Das , 14-7-2017, 

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