Poems by Sarala Balachandran

Poems by Sarala Balachandran


Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams are
Made of you by my side
Holding me close to you with love
Sweet dreams are made
of two hearts beating in one rhythm
Sweet dreams are both lovers flying together to a far away land
where they spend loving moments whispering sweet nothings
Looking deep into each others eyes
And their hearts merging as one
Oh ! My love come into my dreams
every night as I wait for you till midnight
With my eyelids closing but refusing to sleep !
Let us dream of a life together and make it happen
With our beautiful dreams every night !
Sweet dreams are like milk n honey
making the night sweeter than sweet !

©® Sarala Balachandran



There are so many religions in this world
Many are atheists who don’t belong to any religion
They are in their own world but they too seek knowledge surely 
Dresses are different in countries
Some wear sarees
Some salwars
Some jeans n top
Some pants and top
Some cover their heads
Some cover their eyes too with a veil
Some are fair
Some are dark
Some are swarthy
But everybody’s blood is red
Not green nor orange
Heart beat differs from
Person to person
Pulse too !
But humans are humans
Although some act in inhuman ways
They opt for killing n Torturing
Some are compassionate and loving and caring
God tries His best to change the wicked
But all don’t get reformed
And march to hell without fear !
Some friends are closer than blood connection
They go out of their way
To help you
They are God given gift to mankind !
We are in a human race but let this race be good for all to realise the value of being human !

Copyright Sarala Balachandran



It’s winter and chilly nights are long without you by my side
This cuppa doesn’t give the warmth of your hugs
My sweetheart 
Have been waiting for long
Not letting the heat out of the cup, waiting for you to have a sip with me
Looking into each others eyes
Talking of our dream home we are going to build with all what we have !
Oh where are you
Got caught up at work I know
Or …. she took you away from me ?
Don’t you know she is not genuine
But a one night stand for anyone!
I am confused totally
Anyway I am sitting till midnight with half cup for you my love !
I made it extra sweet
With my sweet kisses on the cup
All over leaving marks of my lips for you !
I am sure you know my love for you
You can’t wipe me off from your heart for sure!

copyright  Sarala Balachandran 

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