Agnieszka Herman (Poland)

Agnieszka Herman (Poland)
Agnieszka Herman – polish poetess, journalist, design graphic. She published “The Sun Exploded” (Warsaw, 1990), “Written by the light” (Warsaw, 1995) “The hardest thing is walking in the middle of the day during the fall” (Warsaw, 2015), “Cross point” (2018). Her poems have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines in Poland, Bułgaria, India, Turkish, Japan, Kingdom of Great Britain and USA. She is a memmber of Polish Haiku Association. She cooperates with large publishing houses in Poland where project book covers. She is the author of cover designs (among others to world bestsellers).
let bed with the wooden headboard
be the background of this picture.
a very old woman is calling her mother
the neighbors are sitting around her
and they are telling the world about this woman.
they’re shifting rosary beads by stiff fingers
the laments
the simple sentences
are forming the ladder to the heaven
let the smoke from a cigarette
be the background of this picture
the frayed ribbon is rising up.
when relationships is formed in the heaven
the whole world is hearing the beat of their hearts.
this rhythm is reflected in the landscape
– wind is blowing, the songs are born.
the lonely people are breathing with the same air
and get infected with love like with chickenpox.
let the mountain of the keys in Bełżec*
be the background of this picture
there are the doors to these keys.
behind the door
there is a a table and around it
there are the chairs
and tableware, and challah,
and the light of candles reflected in the candlesticks
and prayers over the table
then the beds and cots .
everyone got a camp receipt for his key.
*(Bełżec – German concentration camp for Jews)

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