RISKS OF CONSCIENCE / Poema de Roger Casanatan

Poema de Roger Casanatan



Let’s look beyond the value of routine words, eliminate the heights of imaginary feats; let’s embrace the fresh herbs where the dawn still beats; baptize in rivers before the invasion of minerals;
Let’s move forward to cultivate more faith in the furrows of the soul, avoiding watering with false prayers.
Time is imprisoned and the prisoners are us;
we tire of the future before we see it born.
What are our footprints around the pyramids?
What weak ideas are dragged on Easter Island?
In the calendars they tried to capture space, proud stars longer and infinite.
One Babel in Peru is the fabulous Machu Picchu,
To absorb the mountain is its mystery?
Pretentious, with utopian postulates that pretend to dig furrows in the sky.
Where are the instruments of bas reliefs of Nazca?
How the past of our wisdom smiles!
How we fill the innocent Bible with sins!
Never scratch the memories full of blood!
No one should justify reasons for war;
life is compensable, everyone condemns death!
Let us unite ourselves sincerely with love, enough of hypocrisy to innocent peace,
We are going to elaborate an obligatory universal law to fulfill it.
Woe to the one who tries to violate it, the scaffolding will be a prize for the fatal audacity.
If we wait for heaven to come down from the Kingdom … God would be in danger, someone would try to kill him!
Ayyy, horrible disease,
award medals and immunity to war criminals!

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