A Poet’s Heart! / Poem by Sethi Krishan Chand

Poem by Sethi Krishan Chand
A Poet’s Heart!
A poet, rather a verse
Compiler I am,
more than that
a compact sheaf of
feelings in my heart;
An effigy of thoughts
wrapped in a coffin ,
that burns itself
without a spark,
without any fire ;
Inherit self burning
properties that
combustate without
making smoke,
without producing flame ;
My verse come out in
unique but simple words,
those narrate the stories
of my emotions in black,
sometimes bleed in red;
They speak silently in
my invisible tears,
in my deepest sighs and
colours of passion painted
on the canvas of my life;
Alike a net they are
knitted virtually with
swinging waves of
my naughty mind
and humantarian soul;
Before they start bleeding,
they are dipped into
blood running through my
heart to dye them
permanently in deep red
Need not to test them
not they require DNa test
since they hail from the
inner part of my body
known to be poet’s heart.
kc sethi,(c)2018

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