Poems by Sadiqullah Khan

Poems by Sadiqullah Khan


In Praise of Darkness (Elogio de la sombra)

Things are blind, – around, they don’t
See. The history book I read –
An atlas of photographs on console
This is history past

Primarily what you write
In five hundred pages of fictions
A realist essay placed under clamps
Of the form of black rectangular slate of metal

Journalistic jargon, – or every newspaper
Would have been literature
Every dead revered and every soul
Prayed and every other tomb visited

Political conundrums aside
Economy dwindle high
Low as the least tide of receding wave
Or whatever you say

Blind for thirty years
Of his life, – the irony that in one touch
Accorded light and darkness

Not nesting pity for himself
Jorge Borges your poems
Are as if spoken from every tongue
Heard by all ears
That you stretch the core to let it
Eat the edge –

The sludge in reparations
Of the unthinkable and unseeable
Better be blind –
Dear poet for not seeing
Would diminish the pain by degree

Yes, you missed colour of flowers
And greens and blues of skies –
You did live your vision
That is an accomplishment
Palpable by the cruel fingers of times.

– To Jorges Luis Borges on his birth anniversary


The King’s Treatise

It deals high in spiritual candour –
Sung the way it with time and nature
Synchronize, – The King’s treatise
Risalu of Abdul Latif, – in gold and silver
Inscriptions and transcripts and print-
It is ancient, – very very old and worn
Addictive, – an evening at Shah
Means a return the next turn of time –
Inducing and indulgent you are filled
Satiated and then you are drunk
Silently floating on the pleasant air.
They dream as they wish at night
Closer in proximity if they lay there –
Go there and close to humans
Closer than your dear heart and closer
Or the eloquence of those beggars –
Like as if it is a holy ritual of centuries
Drawn drowned drained in emotion
Yet the king wipes the tears –
No that the introspection and looking
Inside is the travel to a well of treasure
Revealing acute absurdities and joys
Pains and obstacles and the most
Enchanted the most sorrowful time –
He deals in love deeper and valueless
That when you look down upon yourself
You have your stature raised your feet
Roses tread and your hands abundance
Of none other riches than love like
Diamonds and rubies like dust and air –
Like to have dreamt the reason
To have been graced by the holy saint –
All gained that is lost and all grief
In happy recourse on your door knock.

– On a visit to the shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Bhit Shah Sindh

Sadiqullah Khan

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