FREE OF CHARGE / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
Vacation places invite us all
Including moms
All kinds of relatives
And more…
For relaxation
There will be canoeing and kayaking
There will be tennis and table tennis
We will make soaps and bath salts
We will relax in warm water
We will learn about various issues
We will show a movie as well
There will be smoking
In beautiful nature
There will be fresh air free of charge
There will be sleeping accommodation
Warm and cozy
With a view of the sunset and the ocean
And there are hot showers
There will be many people here
There is fresh air here free of charge
And sitting in the forest
And you can win a trip for three days
Or a free cruise dinner
The retreat fee is only two hundred and fifty
Parking is not included
Spa services are not included
The air here is fresh and free of charge
Sitting in the forest is free
The sunrise here is free
The moonlight here is free
And you can win the clean air prize
And sitting in the forest
Ibrahim Honjo, From my book “Do not write this down” 2006

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