St.Mother Teresa: The Queen of Glowing Beauty, Ezhilarasi* / Poem by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan

Poem by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan


St.Mother Teresa: The Queen of Glowing Beauty, Ezhilarasi*

Is Ezhilarasi,* a begotten blessing of Mother India,
Or a priceless asset, what do I say?
Is she a virgin mother with great kindness?
Is she a Goddess risen in this world?
People dying in pain on the streets
Have been born to live indeed
Immortal God sent her to instruct us
Is she a messenger known as Mother Teresa?

What shall say about the country that had her birth?
In the soil of the land of Albania
The day this mother was born as Teresa
The nation got her blessings then
At the age of twelve, for all the dying
She wished to serve, the maiden even then.
In Calcutta she has become the virgin mother now
The mother continues to serve with kindness

To see happiness amongst the weak and poor
Our Mother is doing enormous service
In her steady service with no impatience
She sees God Jesus in being.
Proffers her work to God,
The service she renders in India.
With a bright, peaceful, happy spirit
Serves Teresa, let her live long!

Even after with wrinkles on her cheeks
There are no wrinkles in her efforts.
After shedding selfishness, in the lives of the poor
Seeing her well being is Mother’s heart.
She spreads flowery fragrance of smiles
Let us rejoice thinking about her attitudes.
Mother stretches the aroma around the world
Let her live endlessly longer and longer.

Courtesy: Professor Rambola Maskarenus, Professors of Tamil Department, Trichy St.Joseph’s College, St.Joseph’s Tamil Literary Forum(30th October 1976), All India Radio (4th January 1977), College Souvenir 1997 and My Professors and Friends.

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