New book: From Isla Negra to Orient / By: Alfred Asis and poets of the world

Posted on August 4, 2019


New book: From Isla Negra to Orient

“This is one of the best ways to thank those who jointly and severally collaborate in our tasks as poets, without asking for anything in return by delivering their letters and time for humanity.I cannot ignore or stop talking about so much quality and poetic expression in your lyrics that from the East and Europe with a monumental task we always get from our dear friend Alicia Minjarez from Mexico and Ximena Gautier from Paris. It is an honor to have his always excellent dispositions for the translation of your lyrics that reach all of America and Hispanic countries of the world.

The poet’s word is the main weapon to change the negative of this world and we know well the social, environmental problems and mainly in the field of peace and the armed confrontation of nations in permanent conflict that is at the expense of life and the international coexistence of the peoples.
Your words sound loud from the desert to the mountains from the sea to the mountains, with the call to the rulers of the world to stop as war weapons development that are used for destruction and death.

The call for civilized dialogue seems like a small murmur in the cosmos, however the explosion of the bombs is heard outside our homes, where children play and tear apart the bodies of women, children and old people regardless of humanity.

The repressed and devastated villages are a characteristic of some nations that intend to erase the identity of some peoples that from their ancestors live between hills and streams without having gardens or large shopping centers to which they can go to meet their primary food needs and not even Water for daily consumption.

Are poets called to solve these tribulations? … Will the word and our works be so strong to stop so much abuse?
While we have the gift of delivering this possibility to the world, it is clear that in the face of destructive weapons the task is not easy, that in the face of understanding and dialogue little can be done, but it is always necessary to continue working for a better world with peace. in our souls before anything else, with the responsibility and commitment for our fellow men, with our families, teachers and friends, all begging towards a lasting peace and harmony that reaches every corner of the planet without exceptions.

That is why, this book is your tribute, because you have sympathized with your letters to fill white pages and adorn peace, life and peoples, with garlands of colors and positive elements without leaving behind the blow of the voices that ask for more attention of the world for the development of instances that protect societies against any anomaly that is in deterioration of peace and daily living”.
Alfred Asís.

Congratulations to all

Agron Shele 76, 100
Kamran Mir Hazar 14
Shamenaz Shaikh 17, 99, 166
Amy Barry 19
Anna Czachorowska 20
Roula Pollard 21, 98, 170
Raed Aljishi 23, 104
Hamdi Meca 25
Eduard Harents 26
Alicia Minjarez Ramírez 27, 96
Aziz Mountassir Aziz Mountassir 29
Nermin Delić 30
Shurouk Hammoud 32
Monsif Beroual 33, 95
Kairat Duissenov Parman 35, 109
Alicja Kuberska 38, 120, 163
Lily Swarn 39, 172
Terane Turan Rehimli 40, 102
Swapna Behera 41
David Boseta 43
Santosh Bakaya 46
Nenad Trajković 45
Danijela Trajković 47
Smiljana Piksiades Daniel Pixiades 80
Joanna Svensson 49
Deema Mahmood 51
Gasham Najafzadeh 52
Ilir F. Çabrati 53
Rehmat Changaizi 54, 103, 167
Kapardeli Eftichia 55
Nassira Poeta 57, 108, 165
Maria Miraglia 56, 164
Padmaja Iyengar – Paddy 58
Ngọc Lê Ninh 60
Jeton Kelmendi 62, 105
Ashok K. Bhargava 61
Fejzë Demiri 63
Miroslav Bielik Smiljana Mirjana Piksiades 64
Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak 65
Ion P. Iacob 66, 174
Sunita Paul 67
Claudia Piccinno 69, 175
Nasr Sami 68
Anna Maria Lombardi 71
Ankha-Ra Micah-Elah 59
Рахим Каримов Рахим Карим 72
Стефан Марковски 73


By: Alfred Asis and poets of the world