Poems by Violeta Marquéz

Poems by Violeta Marquéz



If the human being is at one point, he doesn’t even know who he is!

Or what did he come to?

Let them learn like that, you learn every day.

You can be a good friendship wanting to move on in life!

But really, there are times when you have to let go of friendships with bad vibes and for them to suck your positive energy.

What can I say…

It can affect you at work, dreams, and so on.

Just for a poorly learned life.

I am spiritual, I believe in god authority and I do not worry, I rest calmly, that life will flow.

What a blessed life!

Let us continue to walk free from this absurd and blessed life at the same time.



Nature where there are only stars, trees and beauty.

May life lead me to that magical place, where I can rest and be charged with spiritual energy.

I want to get to that divine place, where it’s just paradise.

Let life flow without writing.

Let me get to that place full of meadows, where there’s only welfare.

I’ll let life flow and I’ll hope my dream will come true.



Naturaleza donde solo hay estrellas, árboles y belleza.

Que la vida me lleve a ese lugar mágico, en donde yo pueda descansar y cargarme de energía espiritual.

Quiero llegar a ese lugar divino, donde solo es paraíso.

Que la vida fluya sin escritos.

Déjame llegar a ese lugar lleno de praderas, donde solo hay bienestar.

Dejare que la vida fluya y yo esperando que mi sueño se cumpla.

© Violeta Marquez

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