Albert Schweitzer-the great humanitarian / Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun

Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun
Albert Schweitzer-the great humanitarian
What a zeal and determination in the philanthropist,
The winner of Nobel Peace Prize, the humanist,
Albert Schweitzer! Being one of the harshest critics of colonialism,
He felt that culture creates partition.
From civilized men having no care,
But speaking only of human rights they dare.
They do not honour these rights,
Difference of skin is their might.
So cruel of them, so deplorable,
Wretched souls, so inacceptable,
Atrociously to rob the lands of native inhabitants,
Making slaves of them and causing so much discontent.
Vain talks on equality,
Vain the nature of those devoid of humanity,
Vain possession, vain ephemeral glory!
With no remorse, no repentance,
With no conscience,
Those wrong doers must have reached purgatory,
And suffered unthought of agony.
Why not save ourselves from self-inflicted harm and damnation?
If we desire genuine happiness and salvation,
It’s high time to selflessly cater to universal pacification.

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