Poem by Margaret Kowalewska

Poem by Margaret Kowalewska



Do not spread
ugly words
ugly thoughts
ugly names
because the earth
needs beauty to sustain
its life otherwise, it explodes
in pain, with volcanoes,
hurricanes and quakes

Envelop the earth
in your arms
with the prayers
to the sacred trees
talking to us
touching celestial blue
of eternity streams,
with beautiful wings of green

In the forest of emerald dreams
superimposed by fringes of lights
mingling in your eyes. Meet me.
Look for my footprints in soft moss
You will find me with ease

I am waiting there
for you to hold me close
We will feed the earth,
with beautiful thoughts
blooming in the oceans
of the globe.

(c ) Margaret Kowalewska
20 August 2019

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