Paths and Paths / Poem by Sher Chandley 

Poem by Sher Chandley 


Paths and Paths

I wandered down a lovely path
That led to nowhere …

Sometimes I rub my chest, absently
Comfort myself in the darkness
Darkness that worries me
I have no companions in lonely truth
Where are they , the dragonslayers ?
Building a ladder for my spirit
To ascend universe beyond universe
Or hell beneath hell ?
Hammering my soul to join them
Yet I cannot and will not fly
Among stars or perdition
By their beck and call , no !
For one’s place and time
Is assuredly your own !

Now for the thrust
Bleed you I must !

I ring the bell with a clarion call
For in my time and place
I see the decimation of strife
Weeping raped mother’s of war
Trafficked children violently abused
Fish swimming in plastic
Funerals for glaciers
And so much more !
This is my place
The despair of my time

Take my hand
O Plutus , king of riches
Let me walk
In pomp and pride
By your side

I see greed and powermongering
Ever the tools of sin
Now robed in modern cassocks
Of suits, ties and benign wicked smiles
Ha! Lest I forget – democratic uniforms
Far from home
In places not their own
With missiles , tear gas and bullet proof vests
Prescribing finger waggers of doom
Pointing out innocent devils
While the bankers minions
Suck up everything to be had
Trees , oil , gas – even water
This is my place
This is our time

Lend me your bow
O Apollo ,
Let me shoot at everything
And everyone I know

Even land is not sacred
What you own can be taken
Stolen by ” divine right ”
On perverted scriptures
Frought with theft and invasions
And I know for sure !
That’s not what God said
I see holy men contradicting God
I see religion a political fashion
Oh God , oh God , forgive us !
The dastardly things we believe
And do in your name
Forgive us for
The things we do in this place
The things we do in this time

Arrogance blows a mighty horn
Like the braying of an ass
Yet , even louder still
The truth rings judgement
And if poetry be relevant truth
Not just pretty little verses
Of love , Sun , moon and stars
Or delvings into mystique and fantasy
Or even mundane comfort zone psychology
Then it’s better purpose
Is a call , heralding truth
A reflection of reality
A mirror on ourselves
To show
The place we are
The things we do

The dogma of avoidance
And self deceptions
Are illusions of glitter
Not the gold .

Once before a long time ago
We thought ourselves too clever
And destroyed the world .
The imprint of this memory is lost but the evidence remains in everything that’s there but cannot be explained .

@ Sher Chandley 

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