Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



Your presence brings the happiness
Your absence brings the forlornness
Your love enraptures all my feelings
Your heart beams my love with blessings.

You are the light that lights my path
Exhibiting a miraculously fruit of life
Killing the light of dark as love of dearth
Chasing all fears in the land of strife.

Your scintillatingly eyes calls my kisses
Burying everything from the tale of lies
Your splendid body gives a warmly hugs
Revamping a connection of warm like plugs

Your righteously words whispers in my ear
Caring my lovely smile,chasing my painful tear
Your beauty is a deeply book of “Love of Find”
Always your name beam a poignancy of my mind.



You are a connoisseur of this
We are always reading your novel
Each words stir us to another level.

We are always reciting your poem
Each stanza chase our stress problem
In us, your work demolish the state of rem

We are always narrating your short story
Each paragraph fly us to the place of glory
Morning to evening describes your history.

We are always acting your lovely play
Beaming the day with a powerful pray
Exhibiting the title,”Tomorrow As Better Day”

Your aptitude is a motif of today and tomorrow
Forever,in us you will sow a seed of knowledge
Revamping a positively great mind to all ages.



Utter something
In the lines of wonderful placidity
To bring the role of responsibility
For caring the world everlastingly
For intriguing the blessings lovely

Utter something
About the deep song of Lovability
To heal the world fro detestability
Setting its power of sparking ruth
As a message from lovable truth

Utter something
In the edifice of true togetherness
Together we call for genuine bliss
To really bless the line of harmony
To profoundly dispel the cacophony

Utter something
About the causes of discrimination
About the bitterness of segregation
Let the words say about egalitarianism
Let the words say about anti-racialism

Utter something
For gleaming the pillar of monument
With a great salute of encouragement
For paying tribute of what heroes did
An unique assiduity that beams us limpid.

One thought on “Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

  1. These are three awesome poems. I love the way they flow and the impact of the message in each. They flow very well and are impacting. The rhyming patterns are beautiful and move the poems down the page with ease of readability. Great images and outstanding job. Have an awesome day and blessings always!

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