Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat

Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat


Race Against Time

I was always told, that I
should race against time
but I don’t know so much
whether, if I should or I shouldn’t
I’m already losing hope

my day is a cold day in hell
and my night is a hot dawn
due to my falling sad clouds
with no body to walk me away
from the city noises and cars

so many people have more
then one face with my heart
I miss the ones who forgot me
I always trust the ones who
wish more sorrows as if I’m fine

no more words, just stab me
no more moments, break my heart
I don’t care if you want to love
me, I already dying in a pool of
my grieves, if not tonight then

tomorrow I will by myself.


Bood of a Miserable Dream

Back in my birth town,
we used to hear a lot about
a lost boy, later on
we found his dead body
a lost girl, then we
discovered her body was raped to death

death and our enemies
worked really well, they said
if you could see us, then try stopping us
sadly, most of the houses were
without doors, but locked windows
some foreigners thought we were brainless

please anyone look after
my mother, before I embrace
darkness with some cup of strong
liquor, to protect my mother
and my birth town from another
clouds from the blood of a miserable dream.

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