DREAM KILLERS / Poem by Timothy Payton

Poem by Timothy Payton



Will you live it up & fly high, with a death that’ll shine??
Or will you dwell in life’s misery, with your soul numb to pain when you die??

So sad how some see life as a existence to be in & not the present gift that is a blessed privilege given;

Wanting more..needing more….
Never is satisfied with what they have…
Always looking to bring down because they are not happy or don’t want to see others happy or support…

In this life, you must believe in yourself & your dreams & ambitions… because you will have dream killers that will try to hinder & block…put down & won’t believe…

Plan in private, execute publicly…
Believe in yourself, above all else that be,
The road of success will not be easy & long,
Never lose that spiritual spark & be strong.

written by Timothy Payton

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