Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
Unto another time of nowhere intimacy of no soul flounces to flesh out from bone of fusion to levitate into mountain high by refounding to joy of gurgling gorge in a terraced valley of ethos jagging to jark.
the finest beauty of heart sparkles like moon gloss by the serenity of deep night to tell story of blue universe
neither mass quantam nor the colors of rainbow in vortex of void beacons path of light to ascend into heaven.
tranquility is the crux of matter to dissolve the mullered complex.
neither storms of wind nor the pulse of hatred enlightens to see milky way in darkest time of no deleverance !
green in meadow grasps light of tears falling from tips leaves as dew to redeem at dawn
lips of red seems to oscillate in between grief and gallows of emptiness to heave the mellow heart
Yet eclipse of moon or sun is never endpoint of celestial play in canopy of cosmos of no apocalypse either to plummet into abyss of labyrinthine chasm beneath yet fwithout absolute travesty of belief sanguine.
@dr.subhendu Kar.
MON 23:59
Just a droplet in ocean vast to know least quantum flow of universe to unleash nothing but words of no wisdom to haul like dreads of night over the darkness melding into wilderness of crowd with no promise of tomorrow!.
A witless tomb of lost history can say anything but wiseman fails to ingrain pattern of curls as grown from within,
It is yet never illigible.
clear cut and as half of an apple into pieces to wound over mellow breath of silence rattles to flux into and another,
blossom of tomorrow never says no to reflux shadows of yester moments to engoss upon innocence of flappingy waves
from deep core of resonance to plumb vision otherwise!.
eternity of time is the trufh to triumvirate into vast volley of spark to gather sparklings into vortex of joy lest bubbles may saunrter into bygone eras to engross in passages of time yet not resolved to divest from shore of illusive dream.
@dr.su hendu Kar.
Into stillness of ebb regency paroles to rest into maze of delight to croon over bough of kiss to gravitate into another time for blue to reshine by quantum leap to unleash love of harmony for surging shower of waves to belong into cyclic ecstasy.
No where to go yet!
home is here to grasp sweet breath under blue sky dipped of earth scented mire of green revered by mighty blessings of sun and moon in day and night!
mystery be deferred into another era of untold history to delve truth of love from sheath of enigma for quest to resolve victory over vortex of countless rhythms yet unabashed.
bounty phenomenon of hindered mystery racked in oblivion to emerse
like north star to glow and guide by its beacon to sigh into room of void
for caravan to pass through the hales of hue onto shore.
where is the beating of shadow lying deep within reflection forth lone into saga of creation beneath no man’s land of illusive elusion in exponent of time.
@dr.subhendu Kar.

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